Material supplier

We supply a wide range of material & equipment, which are required in oil field with approved specification according to USA & EU standards. We provide warranty & quality certificate for our clients & after-sale services including spare parts & maintenance as well as technical support.

Projects execution

• Pipe line projects
• Oil-field construction projects
• Off-shore & on-shore upgrading sites projects
• Tanks & pumps installation projects
• Consulting services
Our consultants will oversee and guide drilling and completion projects within your company, from the early stages of concept development to implementation, when manpower and expertise is required.

Engineering solution provider & Technical support services

We provide highly-experienced managers that will professionally coordinate your next project from cradle to grave. By utilising the leading edge technology and equipment, our team will maximize your value by reducing well costs. Our experience covers Libya in the areas of construction, drilling, completions, recompletions, work-overs, abandonment as well as production. Our team of technical managers strive to ensure projects are completed in a reliable and cost efficient manner, always making sure client’s needs are their number one priority when it comes to budget and timelines. This includes maintaining a close relationship with field supervisors and operators so there is a continuous flow of communication and reporting.

Well site Supervision

Our goal is to provide you with the most qualified individuals, both in the field and in-house, specific to your needs and size of the project. Our consultants are available to work within Libya and have extensive experience in the areas of lease construction, drilling, completion, work-over, abandonment and reclamation, pipeline and facility construction as well as production operations. They are also highly-trained in PDC bit technology, mud & casing design, hydraulics, cementing techniques and well control.
– Extensive experience in horizontal, critical sour, CBM, SAGD, re-entry, and directional drilling
– Expertise in horizontal open-hole and cased hole multi-stage fracturing systems
– Experience with complex & highly technical projects internationally
– On-going communication with our technical team to ensure control measures are met
– Production and equipment optimisation to increase cash flow
– In-house program development and implementation.

Planning Services

First International Station for Oil & Gas Services is a world leader in Field Development Planning and has worked with international partners on more frontier developments – immature regions, difficult fluids, deep water, mega-projects, and remote locations – than any other consultant, engineering firm or operator.
Field development planning studies provide the necessary information and advice for:
establishing whether or not a project is economic
short-listing development project options by screening
selecting an optimal development concept for a project.
First International Station provides decision support at each of these stages using a proven approach and a structured framework to ensure the correct decision is made.

Manpower solution

The Oil & Gas Directory is the only authentic reference guide pertaining to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Energy sectors of this region. The Directory has made rapid strides and has maintained a commendable record of being ahead of time year after year. The Directory has not rested on its laurels, as more and more International companies have participated in this indispensable publication. Oil & Gas Directory not only offers a glimpse into the wide spectrum of Oil & Gas fields but also provides a canvass for the growing entrepreneurs. In our constant effort to grow along with time and to the more digitally inclined customers, we are also available in the form of CD’s as well as on the web which can be updated round the clock. Our focus on manpower services is not only limited to the oil and gas industry, but it also covers the need of all Ministries, Governmental Departments and other Industrial Organisations. We have associations with major international recruitment agencies in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Far East, including international organisations that provide a huge database of skilled personnel.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions Provider specialises in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses and their owners in Libya. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Our unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business. We expertly combine our services in order to provide you with customised help and support so you only get what you need and what you want. Our innovative approach starts with a thorough investigation of what your company needs to succeed so that we can ensure a perfect fit with you and our services. Network Solutions Provider’s clients benefit greatly when they choose to partner with us. Not only will you have more energy and time to focus on your business while we handle your IT needs, but you will experience happier and more productive employees, too. Let us help you open the doors to more technology so you can rest easy that your network will always perform to your standards and that your company will be able to outperform its competitors with ease. Sleep soundly tonight knowing that your electronic assets are optimised, maintained, and protected – because ensuring your business’ technology runs smoothly is our top priority.